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Artist Michael Rose, aged just 3 years old, after winning first place in an art competition

Hi, my name is Michael Rose and I was born in 1976, London, England. My parents first discovered my artistic ability at the young age of 3, when I won a primary school competition for a painting I created and I was also featured in my local paper. I was always doodling growing up, nothing was safe, text books, school desks and even the odd sketch on my parent's walls. I started my professional art career in 1994 as a tattoo artist, I opened my first registered studio in a spare room in my mums house. Four years later I had built up my client base, saved enough money and honed in on my skills well enough to open a high street studio in Barnet, North London. Having my own studio slap bang on the high street in my early 20s was so cool and I truly had the time of my life. I worked hard at the studio and I concentrated on improving my artistic skills further. As the years pasted I was truly thankful to have enjoyed having my work featured in numerous magazines, newspapers and books, most of these features have been documented on this website in the Press Page section. To add to my attributes I am a multi award winning tattoo artist with "first place" awards won in the UK and abroad.

In 2010, I started to experiment with other art mediums and instantly enjoyed the freedom they gave me to practice my artwork in my favourite artistic style, Photorealism. I went on to spend the next 8 years studying, developing my techniques and learning from other Photo-realists.

I still tattoo today but by appointment only and preferably in a photorealistic style. If you would like to get a tattoo by me please just head over to my contact page and get in touch.

In my spare time i like to share my artistic knowledge through my

YouTube Channel 


through workshops when the opportunity to do so allows me. The workshops I have held in the past and the people I had the honour of teaching was a great experience and I hope I have the pleasure of doing this again in the future.


Drawing by artist Michael Rose, tiger drawn in colour pencils, photo realistic
Artist Michael Rose, Tattooing a full back piece of a tiger
Artist Michael Rose teaching one of his art classes, students learning how to draw
Artist Michael Rose in his studio, relaxing drinking a mug of tea

In recent years I have been spending more time working on my artwork, taking a step back from tattooing daily has really allowed me to express my passion for art in other avenues.


I have had time to create an online 

Artist course


This was something else I wanted to do, I wanted to be able to pass on some of my knowledge to others through an online course. It was my first time making an educational video and It was both a great experience but also frightening. Hearing yourself and seeing yourself on video, can be very daunting, especially as I was worried about what other people would think and the course being a flop. I pushed through the anxiety of it all and can proudly say I did it. In this course I teach how to draw an eye in pencils, I've made it as fun and informative as I can, maybe check it out

Art Course

Now that I have experienced the process I plan on making more educational videos in the future with different mediums, if you're interested, maybe consider going to my blog page or join me on one of my social media pages to keep up with announcements. 

When I am asked to describe myself; I simply say,

"Dad of two cheeky monkeys, 

passionate about my work, driven, highly organised, friendly, tea drinking biscuit lover"

If your interested in getting a tattoo or just wish to find out more about my art please feel free to get in touch,

just use the contact page form,

I look forward to speaking with you soon

Michael Rose

A drawing of an eye, created by artist Michael Rose, how to draw an eye, drawing an eye
Artist Michael Rose enjoying the sun with his children
Artist Michael Rose, tattoo artist, artist, barnet, potters bar, hertford
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