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Why are colour Pencils so popular ?

Vincent Van Gogh once said, "The painter of the future will be a colourist in a way no know has been before,"

Colored Pencils were not around during van Gogh's time (I know- that's a real revelation), but what he said about the painter of the future rings true for the colored pencil painter as well. He probably could not have imagined that colored pencil artists 100 years later could create a masterpiece using archival materials, but they're are!

Here are just 3 of the many reasons I think colored pencils are gaining in popularity:

1. Slow and Meditative. In our fast- paced world of high tech and hurried lives, colored pencils are a relaxing artistic indulgence.

2. Convenience. They're so easy to use, and to start and stop a project does not require the big ordeal of preparing as it does with some mediums.

3. Preciseness. You can get the smallest details, which is an appealing prospect.

Coloured pencils are one of the fastest-growing mediums on the planet! Since it hasn’t been around for all that long, you and I are pioneers, and we are the ones who can actually shape the future outcome of the medium. Take a second for that to sink in. Pretty cool, huh? I have personally spoken with artists who have invented techniques and products that have been adopted by the masses--maybe you’ll be next???

That is one of the goals here at Michael Rose Arts. I'm not trying to get you to adopt just one technique from one artist. I hold up other artists and their techniques and we lift the banner of coloured pencils high in the sky. I want YOU to grow and develop into the artist that you want to become.

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