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The benefits of creating art!

Hello everyone,

Sometimes our loved ones may not understand why we create art. It can seem like a mostly indulgent activity.

Most of us think of art as a hobby, a pastime, possibly a career. But I’ve recently learned about some hidden benefits of creating art that you may not have thought about -- I know I hadn’t!

Your perception of the world around you is sharper as an artist, which allows you to enjoy everyday life on a different level than most people.Creating art can actually develop new neural pathways in your brain. Making your memories and experiences that much more enhanced. How cool is that??It can improve your memory in general -- which is a comforting thought when you realise you’re not getting any younger…..(talking to myself there) When you’re creating art, your brain starts releasing all kinds of chemicals that are associated with good feelings and happiness....And that mood-boost can actually last far beyond the actual moment you’re creating art.Artists have improved hand-eye coordination and general physical well-being.

In other words, your involvement with fine art is very likely making you a better person!

Think about that next time you need a little motivation to finish up a project, or you need to explain to your family why you’ll be spending time in your studio -- Your brain will thank you.

all the best for now

Michael Rose

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