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Step 7, Colour Female Portrait

Step by Step

In this step you can still see quite a lot of texture in the skin made from my pencil strokes. I am about half way through adjusting the values and blending areas to get it looking right. I am using a #prisma soft core white #pencil to help blend and lighten the values in keys areas to make her face look more smooth. I have also started to use a Black Prisma #Verithin hard pencil to add in the small hairs on the eyebrows and along the hair line. I have also used this pencil to tidy up all my hard edges in the earrings and other areas were needed. Remember to work really slowly blending that white over the top of the colours. I use a small circular motion which I find works best. The next picture will be of the finished drawing, you will see the rough texture from my pencil strokes would have been smoothed out and all the remaining details finished off. If you have any question please leave them below. 

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