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Step 3, Under Painting, Tiger Airbrush Painting.

Step by Step

In this photo you can now see that the under painting I started, has now been completed. For the thin hair details, I used my x-acto blade to scratch off the paint. Carefully angle your blade handle at about 45 degrees, this will help prevent going to deep into the paper and avoid tearing a hole in it. Keep your reference image close and pay close attention to it. The Createx Sepia paint I used for this stage is transparent. Transparent paint is that of which has a translucent quality, allowing it to be sprayed over another colour or surface without obscuring it. The biggest mistake associated with transparent paint is over shooting your target value, paint in light layers and build them up slowly. I will mix up opaque colours to lay on top, opaque paint on the other hand, has the ability to cover or conceal the surface that it is sprayed onto.

Any questions please ask below!

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