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Step 11, Elderly Female Portrait

Step by Step

Back from a short break with my wife and kids and straight back into this drawing. Today I have started to lay down the first layers of the other half of the background and started to blend it all together. On this side I have used the #Prisma #colour "warm grey set". These also come in 90, 70, 50, 30, 20 and 10 percent pencils. I wanted to use the warm grey set on this side to help with the way the lighting is hitting her face. On the more shadowed side I used the cool grey set to help with the shadows. Although this photo does not really show much of a difference in the colours, I can promise you there is a real difference in the drawing in front of me. Using cool and warm sets of colours in my opinion, really can make your drawing just that little bit more special. 

Any questions please ask below? 

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