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Step 1, line drawing, Tiger Airbrush Painting.

Step by Step

Hi everyone, 

so this month I am going to do a very quick step by step airbrush painting. When I asked you last month what you would like to see this month, a large majority asked to see an airbrush painting. Someone also suggested that I offer a downloadable line drawing and reference image of the painting, so you can paint along with me. Here is the line drawing (Also available to download in my free stuff page on this website), I'll post the reference image in my next post. If you want to see how I do my line drawings please watch the #video I have posted in here or on my #YouTube #channel. I cant do a time lapsed video of this one as my video recorder is playing up, so instead ill be posting a few simple step by step photos of the stages for you to follow. If you get stuck because the steps are too big, just ask me a question, I am happy to try and help. 

Good luck 

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