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Skin tone pencils, Female Portrait

Step by Step

Thank you to those of you who reached out and messaged me to list the pencils I used to do the face on my recent portrait drawing, its always helpful to know what you want, so I can help you all progress at home. Below is the list of pencils and there codes i used for the skin tones in the face of my current female portrait drawing. I have started to notice that a lot of these colours are used in almost all of my drawings. Remember to always check your reference as skin tone will always very from person to person. I find that when i come to blending another colour into another i use small circular motions to help mix/blend into one another. DO NOT zig zag or do scrubbing motion with the pencil as you will find blending almost impossible. 

All Prisma Color Pencils.

tuscan red pc937, peach beige pc1085, black raspberry pc1095, blush pink pc928, eggshell pc140, greyed lavender pc1026, chestnut pc1081, henna pc1031, rosy beige pc1019, light peach pc927, 20% warm grey pc1051, beige pc997, peach pc939, 10% warm grey pc1050, clay rose pc1017, nectar pc1092, white pc938, deco peach pc1013, sea shell pink pc1093, ginger root pc1084, beige sienna pc1080

Any further questions please ask?

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