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Pencil List, Advanced Portrait Class

Step By Step

Hi everyone,

as this male portrait has now come to an end, I can now list the pencils i used for the project. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

All pencils listed are Prismacolor premier pencils:

Green Jumper/Jacket

Prussian green, Marin green, kelp green, 

Shadow areas - black, dark umber, blend these two colours into the greens listed above.

Blue T-Shirt

peacock blue, cobalt Turquoise, slate grey, light cerulean blue.


sienna brown, terra cotta, burnt ochre, chocolate, nectar, seashell pink, sand, expresso 


Salmon pink, peach, permanent red, burnt ochre, black raspberry, deco peach, seashell pink


eggshell, putty beige, sienna brown, bronze, light umber, espresso


nectar, terra cotta, burnt ochre, seashell pink, beige, salmon pink, peach beige, light peach


nectar, burnt ochre, sand, beige, peach beige, seashell pink


chocolate, black, espresso, black raspberry, chestnut, sienna brown, terra cotta, burnt ochre


light umber, espresso, putty beige, bronze, terra cotta, chocolate, sienna brown


black, marine green, dark umber, kelp green, moss green, sienna brown, chocolate

Happy Colouring !!!

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