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4 hot techniques for blending coloured pencils!

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

How to blend colour pencils, 4 easy ways

the only methods you'll ever need for blending coloured pencils

Welcome to your blog post for another week. Today I have launched my short video on my YouTube Channel showing you the 4 hottest tricks for #blendingcolourpencils In fact, these will be the "Only methods you'll ever need" for #blending #colour #pencils in my opinion. You will discover how to #blend with wax based #pencils and how to use solvents to create some of the smoothest transitions you're every see.

"The only methods you'll ever need for blending coloured pencil's"

Of course there are many different ways of blending coloured pencils but these 4 hot techniques are my favourite and my "go to" techniques.

Pencil Blending

One of the most obvious methods and the one that everyone seems to forget for blending their coloured pencil's, is.....drum roll please....yep, you're coloured pencil's. When you apply heavy pressure to blend one colour into another until no paper tooth shows through the coloured pencil layers, this technique is called "Burnishing". #Burnishing involves layering and blending, this is the preferred look I go for when creating my art with #colouredpencils.

Solvent Blending

When using solvents to blend with I often stick with three types that I feel work best. They are #gamsol #zestit and #turpentine Be warned though, before you use these solvents try a test patch on your favourite support (paper) as the solvent can leave a water stain or cause your paper to warp.

In my next post I'll post the link to the video which will explain everything!

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