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Step 5, female portrait painting

step by step

I have now built up the layers of paint and this painting is nearly finished. I have used the pink eraser in the top part of the hair to show the more subtle shiny parts and the knife/blade for the parts I want to look really shiny. For the small loose rouge hairs around the collarbone, outta cheek and the top of the head, they can be drawn in with a pencil but I like to use the same method I used earlier for the eyebrows and eyelashes. It will take you longer this way but the painting will look correct. What I mean by that is, by using a pencil will leave a waxy shine on your painting and can look out of place. Take your time and cut out some paper or frisket film, spray slowly and lightly through it and it will look the same as the rest of the painting. Use the pink soft eraser to add in subtle details, I used it in the neck for the creases and the hairline along the forehead. I also used it around the eyes to add in some texture. I used the knife/blade to scratch in the details on the lips and also to add further details and texture around and in the eyes, this method was also used to create specular highlights 

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