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Equipment, Paper, Tiger Airbrush Painting.

Step by Step

Blair Synthetic: Airbrush Paper you can erase and scratch!

This is the paper I will be using for this painting. Its the first time I will be using it but I have heard good things about it so lets try it out and see what happens. You can buy this paper from this link

Since the discontinuance of  Crescent 9208 and 9218, there has been no paper or board that can tolerate the blade. This new paper has been specifically made for the airbrush that allows scratching and erasing for special  effects. The best news is that this paper is double sided.

This is a new technology of  paper that allows light printing of line art through your ink jet  printer. It cannot tear easily and is ph neutral for archival  applications.

Please note: While  this paper is designed for use with the blade; however, improper,  repeated or excessive application of pressure with the blade can and  will cause damage. Exercise caution. Being a non-absorbent surface, it  is recommended that you wash the paper with a gentle soap to remove any  grease or oil from your fingers. Different paints have different  adhesive characteristics, so it is advised that you test your paint to  determine its resilience to errant scratches.

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