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A Kick up the Arts!

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

This was an old blog I wrote back in 2015, I wanted to share it with you again because I hope it will help motivate some of you to face a tough situation you might be in, don't be a little bitch and complain that you cant do it for this reason or that reason or because your panties are to tight, TAKE A RISK,  “Have a goal, work towards it because there is not a thing more fulfilling than reaping the fruits of your labour.”

"The biggest risk in life is not taking any risk. In a world that is changing so quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail, is not taking risks"

With this quote in mind how many of you shudder with fear of the thought of risking everything you have worked for or have built up and risk losing it all? Well just over a year ago I was facing this possibility. My shop lease was up for renewal and signing another long term lease under the same terms were just not acceptable for my family and my business going forward for the future. The rent was going to be increased by a ridiculous amount and with business rates and all the other over heads involved in running a small business now days It was putting to much pressure on my life and my art. I tried negotiating with the landlord asking for more flexible terms but he wasn't having none of it. So what should I do? I couldn't for the life of me sign another long lease. I was contemplating closing my business I had spent over 22 years building up, but by doing this not only would I have left my wife and I out of a job but the staff also. What about all my awesome clients and friends I have tattooed over the years, where would they go for their next tattoo or to get work I had started finished off? I was in a right mess, I had many sleepless nights and looked into lots of different opportunities but none were right, I wanted to find something to keep everyone happy but sadly it looked like the shop was going to close, was this the end for Michael Rose Tattoo & Piercing studio. I was also worrying about being a new father and the unknown but when Jamie was born, I felt so proud to be a father and suddenly found some extra energy and strength to fight on.

A small and very tired old pet shop in the back end of town came to the market but it needed SO much work done to it.

It would mean working at the studio tattooing and then working out of hours at the other shop to fully renovate it. Not only would it be taking a risk moving from my established studio in the more popular part of town but a HUGE task to move and set up all over again.

So what did I do?  Yep, I stuck two fingers up to the fear and the risk of losing everything and went for it. I worked my back side off, I pulled in every resource I knew to get this shop up and running. I had a plan in mind and the project started to take place. 

The old shop front was pulled out

and replaced with a new one.

 The inside of the shop was fully ripped out.

 Rubbish and old rotten timber was cleared.

foundations were dug.

New brick work and an extension were built.

New walls, Plumbing and electric were installed. 

Now I'm not going to bullshit you guys this nearly broke me and at times I felt like quitting. The pressure of working, fatherhood and this project all at once was stressful. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not asking you to pull out the violin for me or give me a pat on the back but this shit was hard. Money was tight, I was borrowing from Paul to pay Peter, I think I must of pissed off just about everyone involved with the project and all those close to me but somehow, just somehow, we all got through it. And this is how it all looks now.

New Shop Front!

Practical and stylish reception.

Comfortable waiting & consultation area.

Piercing Room, Hygienic and modern.

Tattoo Area 1.

Tattoo Area 2 with state of the art vacuum autoclave for sterilization.


This area is my favourite space and will be used for art classes and seminars.

So that's how it all looks at the moment, I still have loads of art to put up on the walls and arrange stuff in better places but I can stand here today and feel proud of what I have turned this tired old shop into and the risks I took. I cant wait to get all the art classes up and running, Ill be advertising the dates for those later in the year. One very awesome artist already on the calendar for next year is airbrush master Dru Blair. Dru will be holding some realism classes so if your interested in taking one please get in touch ASAP, they will book up fast. I'll be adding dates for my own classes and I'll also be speaking with lots of top tattoo artists to see if they would be interested in holding seminars about their favourite style or subject. Keep checking my web site for details on the up and coming classes.

If you every face a tough situation or have your back against the wall, dont be a little bitch and complain that you cant do it for this reason or that reason or because your panties are to tight, TAKE A RISK,  “Have a goal, work towards it because there is not a thing more fulfilling than reaping the fruits of your labour.”

Look forward to seeing you all soon

Michael Rose.

I have so many people to thank but a special thanks to:

Ray & Sean: Fontain Builders & Decorators.

Gareth Smith: Muscle.

Nick Barnes: All round dogs body and reliable friend.

Anthony & Sean: Electrics.

And of course my wife Rhia for her patience and understanding!

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