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Materials, Tips & Tricks, plus my Finished Photo of my 3D drawing of a Southern Comfort Bottle!

Step by Step

Hi everyone,

Here is my finished 3D drawing of a Southern Comfort Bottle, I hope you all enjoyed the step by step photos I shared along the way. Below is an updated list of all the materials I used and a few extra tips and tricks.

Please watch video of start to finish to see when these materials where used


Airbrush used for for shadow = Iwata CM-SB

Airbrush Acrylic paint = Createx Illustration Black. ( Top Tip, make sure to reduce/thin the paint to avoid going to dark to quickly, its easier to make something darker than it is to make it lighter )

Compressor = Iwata Studio Series. ( top tip, set air pressure to around 22-24 PSI )

Copic sketch marker pens = YR09, Y19, Y18, Y17, Y15, Y13, Y11. ( top tip, use the softer paintbrush end rather than the chisel end, its much nicer to use and easier to control )

The paper I used is "Strathmore, Toned Grey, Mixed media paper/support ( top tip, don't press down to hard with your pencils when using this paper/support, it leave's a groove in the paper which can be very undesirable )

White gel pens for highlights = uni-POSCA and telly roll 05, sakura. ( top tip, always test your white gel pen on a separate piece of paper before applying to your artwork, they can have a habit of releasing more white than required, be warned )

as you can see from the photos I have a LOT of different pencils, the main brands I used for this project where =

Prismacolor Premier

Caran d'Ache, Luminance 6901

Faber Castell, Polychromos

Derwent, studio

Derwent, drawing

Derwent, colour soft

Derwent, procolour

Derwent, lightfast

( top tip, ALWAYS keep you pencil sharp and slowly build up the layers, once your happy with the coverage of pencil you can use a slightly blunt pencil to help blend one colour into another. )

I hope this information will help some of you, if you have any further questions please feel free to ask

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