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2020 New Beginnings!

Hello everyone,

2020 is closing in and I hope you're as excited about it as I am!

As you look back over the past 12 months what have you been able to accomplish with your art? Were you able to make time for your art? I hope so.

If you're like me, you may have had very high hopes at the beginning of 2019. Maybe you were going to complete a certain number of drawings. Or maybe there was a new technique or subject matter that you've been dying to try your hand at.

I'm sure, like most of us, you had ups and downs along the way. Maybe there were things beyond your control that prevented you from being able to focus on your art.

That's ok!

You are about to get a "do-over"! That's always the way I look at the brand new year. It's a time of renewal. A new page turn of the calendar invites exciting new ideas!

I love it. And this year is especially perfect for a fresh starting point. The year 2020! A new decade- The year of perfect vision!

I want you to be able to look back and say, "Yes, it was 2020 that I was finally able to take my art to the next level."

So what is that goal this year for YOU?

Maybe it's to finally get excited about creating your own original artwork?

Maybe it's to finally start a daily or weekly sketching habit?

Maybe it's to connect with other artists who can encourage, push, and challenge you as you've never been challenged before. Or an art teacher and mentor to help you understand and see the things that have challenged you for too long?

Those are all awesome goals! But figuring out HOW to get there can seem daunting.

I want to ease the burden for you.

Even if you've had a fantastic year, I want an even BETTER 2020 for you!

There's a ton of changes just around the corner inside the Michael Rose Arts studio. One of those changes will be updates to the Michael Roses flagship Coloured Pencil courses. We're talking NEW demonstrations, materials and brand NEW techniques to learn! All you need to do is sign up today to unlock your artistic potential, beginner or experienced your path to excellence starts here, you'll become a better artist, Guaranteed.

Check out the new class information in the online shop, don't miss out!

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